Promoting transatlantic values, with openness, rigor and clarity


The Catalonia America Council (CAC) is an independent, nonpartisan, non-profit organization dedicated exclusively to engaging with the most important political and social challenges facing Catalonia and America, and to strengthening relations between them.

Catalonia America Council

The CAC is organized and operated as a non-profit 501(c)(3) organization
based in Washington, DC, and is funded entirely by private donations. 

Donations to support this initiative can be made here.  Suggestions, proposals
and ideas are also welcome; please contact us at: info @ catalanamerican . org. 


The CAC believes that the transatlantic relationship is marked by shared values, by political values rooted in freedom, democracy and self-government, and a common entrepreneurial spirit which drives economic success and innovation.

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The CAC seeks to leverage these values to strengthen relations between Catalonia and North America through networking, dialogue and knowledge-sharing, with the goal of addressing common challenges and promoting common interests.


The CAC focuses on four pillars of cooperation: public sector, private sector, academia and journalism. 

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