The CAC works to advance its dual objectives via four overarching pillars.


1.Current Events and Contemporary Challenges

The CAC seeks to engage on the latest social, political, and economic developments in Catalonia and North America, encouraging debate and discussion around the most critical challenges facing both communities–from democracy to civil rights, and from public policy to trade and investment– via events, publications and outreach.



2.Benchmarking and International Exchange 

The CAC believes that international exchange encourages better public policy, opens door to collaboration, and gives members of both communities’ access to increased opportunities in a globalized world. 

To this end, the CAC works to encourage and promote transatlantic exchange, giving policymakers, think tanks, academic institutions and relevant non-profit organizations and journalists opportunities to connect, collaborate and discuss solutions.



3.Business and Innovation

The CAC seeks to encourage private-sector collaboration between Catalonia and North America, specifically with regards to business and innovation.  The CAC does not offer consultancy services, nor does it seek to promote individual companies or agendas.  Rather, it works to educate its members and the business community in North America and Catalonia on relevant commercial, trade, and legislative issues.



"Our liberty cannot be guarded but by the freedom of the press, nor that be limited without danger of losing it." –Thomas Jefferson, 1786.

For the last several hundred years, the fourth estate has served a vital role in ensuring an informed citizenry.  The current social and political climate makes that role even more critical.  A free press ensures a free flow of information, holds those of influence to account, and combats the perils of disinformation. The CAC therefore seeks to support Catalan and North American journalists and journalism in order to strengthen not only the transatlantic relationship, but also so that their subsequent work enhances the quality of their respective democracies.